Wednesday, 6 November 2013


السلام عليكم

Well hello there!

Girls & Women. People, do you understand them?

I asked my dad once.
“Ayah, how to handle a girl/woman?”
“You must know what they want.”
“But how?”
“Well, you will never know what they really want.”

I asked you once what you really want; you said “I don’t even know what I’m really wanted.” right?

*I’ve been in a situation where a girl asked me;*
“Am I fat?”
“No you don’t”
“You lied, tell me the truth, Am I fat?”
“Yes you are!”
*then she get mad at me. She’ll remember it like, FOREVER*
(Is there any other option between YES or NO?)

Yes it is complicated. But when you love somebody, you will have the patience to face all of this.

Well, to my special one,

Sometimes you are a lovely girl. Sometimes you are heartless person. Sometimes you act like I am important to your life. Sometimes you act like you don’t even need me.
But still I’m here to take care of you.

Sometimes you made me laugh. Sometimes you mad at me for nothing. Sometimes you said that I’m the one who can make you feel protected. Sometimes I feel like you lose your respect towards me (by the way how you talk to me).
But still I’m the one who always trying to make you happy.

You know that I’ll never say those three words to you. Because they said talk is cheap. So I always want to prove it in action.

But sometimes when I try so hard to make you happy, it’s like you don’t even appreciate what I’m doing for you.
When I rarely making you happy, you said that I’m ignoring you.
Fyi, it is not ignoring actually, just want to let you know how to appreciate the things people have done to you.

‘Guesses and assumptions are useless when you can simply ask’ they said. But when I do, people get mad at me. But when I don’t, you think that I’m not care about you. So tell me what type of conversation will be if there is no questions given, it is like you tell me what you want, I tell you what I want. It will be no fun, I guess.

I know I’m not as alim or warak as the other guy you know. But when I’m reminding you something and the respond is, “Saya tahulah apa saya buat.” and it makes me feel useless.  You know why?  Because you make people feel like you only find them when you’re in trouble, leave them when you’re happy.
Just so you know, you tell me once to remind you when you are away from Allah, (kalau awak ingat) but when I do, you get mad at me. You being like “Ya, saya dah tahulah!”

And one more thing, I know you think that I am not brilliant, clever enough. But when I’m telling you something, I don’t lie to you, never once. You know how does it feels when you're telling something and the reaction is like, “Yeke apa awak cakap ni?” Do you know how does it feel? It sucks, you know?
I’m sorry to say this, but by no mean you hurt others.

Sorry for all my wrongdoings, sorry for my mistakes, sorry for my words, sorry for my actions, and sorry for writing this.

Just want to let you know, you are beautiful and nice. And one more, you make me calm when I see your smile, hearing your voice and talk to you. Thank you J

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